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Dementia Friendly Borough Launches Identity Capsules

Published Friday, 23 May 2014

Ribble Valley Borough Council has joined forces with Clitheroe solicitors Chenery Maher to launch an identity capsule scheme for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The capsules, which contain crucial information on the bearer, including the contact details of carers or next of kin, are available free-of-charge to people with dementia and their families.

It is the latest initiative in the borough’s bid to become the country’s first dementia friendly community.

Ribble Valley Borough Council has joined forces with the Alzheimer’s Society and several local businesses, community groups and public and private sector organisations to establish the borough as a centre of excellence in dementia awareness.

A network of
‘dementia friends’ has been established throughout the borough and council staff are to receive training in dementia awareness.

Ribble Valley Borough Council’s older people’s champion, Sue Bibby, said: “
People with dementia face barriers when trying to continue with ordinary life, such as shopping, using public transport and engaging in social activities, and it is likely that many do not even go out for fear of not being able to cope. 

“We have been gathering evidence from people with dementia and their carers about what might help them enjoy a better quality of life, with a view to creating a network of places and organisations that are dementia friendly and educating the public to understand and deal with dementia more effectively.

“There is clearly a considerable local appetite for making life easier for people with dementia and we are delighted to have worked in partnership with Chenery Maher to make these identity capsules available.”

Dementia describes different disorders that trigger a loss of brain function, the most common being Alzheimer's Disease, which affects 62 per cent of sufferers. Symptoms of dementia include memory loss, confusion and problems with speech and understanding. Dementia can occur at any age, but the elderly are particularly susceptible.

Irene Chenery, partner at Chenery Maher, added: “In public situations, people with dementia may exhibit a range of difficulties, such as remembering what they are doing, communicating clearly, handling money and navigating confusing environments.

“We are delighted to have worked with Ribble Valley Borough Council to make these identity capsules available.”

Chenery Maher specialises in law for the elderly and Irene Chenery is a member of the national organisation, Solicitors for the Elderly, and has the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Advanced Will Writing Certificate.

Sue Bibby and Irene Chenery launched the capsules during
Dementia Awareness Week, which runs from 18 - 24 May and will see dementia awareness and fundraising events taking place across the UK.

The capsules are available From David Ingham, Ribble Valley Borough Council’s partnership officer, on 01200 414549.

Ribble Valley Borough Council will also host a dementia awareness session on Tuesday 3 June, from 10.00am to noon, in the Ribble Valley Borough Council Chamber in Church Street, Clitheroe.

The session, aimed at the
families and carers of people with dementia, aims to raise awareness of the signs, symptoms, concerns and implications of dementia. It will include a talk by UK dementia expert Pat Pope, of training company All about Dementia.

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