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Council Colleagues Enjoy a Taste of ‘Fair Fare’

Staff at Fair Trade Day
Staff: Katy Holden and Tim Lynas
Published Thursday, 19 March 2015

Staff at Ribble Valley Borough Council enjoyed a taste of ‘fair fare’, when the authority marked Fairtrade fortnight with a food sampling session.

During their lunchtime break, council workers sampled Fairtrade food, including chocolate and biscuits, and were treated to a Fairtrade cuppa.

The event, organised by the Clitheroe Fairtrade Group, included an exhibition of Fairtrade products, a short film about two tea farmers in Malawi who have benefited from Fairtrade and a prize draw for an Easter egg.

The council’s principal surveyor and Fairtrade enthusiast, Tim Lynas, said: “The event aimed to raise awareness about Fairtrade and colleagues were surprised by the wide range of Fairtrade products available, particularly from big brand names.

“Swapping just one item a week in your shopping basket to Fairtrade can make a significant difference to farmers in the developing world and we plan to hold a similar event in November featuring Fairtrade festive gifts.”

Fairtrade campaigns for fair prices and better working conditions for farming communities in developing countries. Over 1.4million farmers producing a wide range of products, from bananas and coffee to soap and shampoo, have benefited from the scheme. Fairtrade also requires producers to uphold the rights of their workers, including safe working conditions.

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