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Fly-Tippers Face Tough New On-The-Spot Fines

Fly-tipping Asbestos
No messin’ – New on-the-spot fines for fly-tipping, such as this asbestos dump outside Clitheroe.
Published Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Fly-tippers in Ribble Valley are facing hefty £400 on-the-spot fines under touch new measures.

Ribble Valley Borough Council is launching a clampdown on people who foul its backstreets and country lanes.

Local authorities have been given greater powers to tackle fly-tipping by issuing penalty notices of between £150 and £400 to those caught dumping anything from old fridges and sofas to garden waste and rubble.

Introducing fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping is the latest move in a Government crackdown on waste crime, which costs the UK millions of pounds a year in clean-up costs, undermines legitimate business, blights the countryside and is a public health risk.

Ribble Valley Borough Council leader Stuart Hirst said: “Fly-tipping is a blight. It starts with a small pile of rubble, or a couple of bin bags, but then more rubbish is dumped and, before you know it, half a house clearance has been left.

“Some of our backstreets and country lanes are becoming an eyesore and we are determined to tackle it. Our environment is too lovely to trash and anyone caught fly-tipping is going to feel it in their back pocket.”

Environment Minister Rory Stewart added: “It is beyond me that anyone feels it is acceptable to dump their waste by the road in our cities or the countryside. 

“This new fixed penalty notice will provide local authorities with another tool to crack down on selfish individuals who blight communities and ruin our beautiful landscape.”

According to the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, fly-tipping occurs every 12 seconds in the UK, costing UK taxpayers over £100million a year to tackle.

As well as the new fixed penalty notices, prosecution remains an option for local authorities in pursuing large-scale waste criminals, who run the risk of hefty fines and up to five years imprisonment.

Ribble Valley residents who witness fly-tipping are asked to report a vehicle’s registration number in complete confidence to Ribble Valley Borough Council on 01200 425111.

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