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Former Councillors Receive Alderman Honour

Published Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Two former Ribble Valley councillors have been recognised for their contribution to civic life in the borough by being conferred as Aldermen.

Michael Ranson and Alan Yearing, who have 32 years' service between them, were conferred as Honorary Aldermen at a special meeting of Ribble Valley borough council.

Michael served on the borough council from 2003 to 2015. He was leader from 2007 to 2012 and Ribble Valley mayor in 2014/15. 

He was proposed for the civic honour by Ribble Valley Borough Council leader Stuart Hirst, who said: “The office of Alderman is an ancient title that draws its origins from the ‘ealdorman’ or elder men of Anglo Saxon England. It is a splendid line of continuity to the present day, in which we are able to bestow respect on the civic life of Ribble Valley.

“Councils work at their best when their members draw on life and career experiences outside local government and bring abilities and talents that enhance the quality of decision-making.

“Michael Ranson is a fine example of this, who as leader of the council drew upon a wealth of legal and commercial experience at senior industrial level at home and overseas. 

“The foundations of the council’s robust finances were laid on his watch and have proved a secure legacy for the future, and I am delighted to propose him for this honour.”

Alan Yearing served on Ribble Valley Borough Council from 1995 to 2015 and was the borough’s mayor in 2003/04.

He was proposed by Allan Knox, who said: “Over the years, Alan has played a prominent role in the community and is well- known for his work with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Pendle Club, which has played a prominent role in providing services for older people in Clitheroe.

“I am delighted to propose him as Alderman of Ribble Valley.”

The two men were presented with framed illuminated scrolls conferring the new honour.

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