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Clitheroe Food Festival Road Closures

Published Thursday, 11 August 2016

Motorists are advised that several roads in Clitheroe will close Friday 12 and Saturday 13 August, for the 2016 Clitheroe Food Festival.

From 5.00pm Thursday 11 August the Market car park will be closed and remain closed until Sunday 14 August. Employers and residents on New Market Street are kindly asked to park elsewhere during the festival period. Vehicles left parked on New Market Street after 5.00pm on Thursday are parked at their own risk and may be forcibly removed to prevent accidents occurring.

From 2.00pm Friday 12 August until 7.00pm on Saturday 13 August the length of Market Place will close from its junction with King Street to its junction with Wellgate. This will immediately alter the traffic flow on Friday afternoon with diverted traffic from Railway View becoming one way only down King Street from Buckleys Pharmacy to the Platform Gallery. These closures will remain in place until Saturday 13 August at 6.30pm.

From 6.00am until 7.00pm on Saturday the length of Castle Street in the town centre of Clitheroe will close extending from a point adjacent to its junction with Castlegate to its junction with King Street and King Lane.

Castle Street, New Market Street, Market Place, King Street (down to Apricot Meringue) will be closed to all traffic from 6.00am to 7.00pm on Saturday 13 August.

Access to Wellgate and York Street will be via Church Street as 'Access Only' to limit traffic to a minimum.

Railway View car park will be closed on Saturday 13 August.

Traffic from Whalley Road and Moor Lane direction following the current one way system will be able to proceed up Moor Lane on to Castlegate, turn left along and down Parson Lane, turn right along Station Road and pass Clitheroe Rail/Bus Interchange.

There will be no alternative routes available for the closure of New Market Street, King Street or King Lane.

The taxi rank will be temporarily moved to outside the Library until 6.30pm.

A Park and Ride facility at Clitheroe Auction Market will be in place again to encourage visitors to park out of the town centre. This will be signposted from the main access roads in the town.

A Fun Fair has been organised to run Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the Castle Field. It will operate from 6.00pm - 9.00pm on Friday 12 , 12 noon – 9.00pm on Saturday 13 and 12 noon - 6.00pm on Sunday 14.

The event, organised by the Clitheroe Food Festival Company, and supported by Ribble Valley Borough Council, is expected to attract more than 18,000 visitors, and will showcase some of the best food producers in Lancashire.

The Food Festival starts at 9.00am in Clitheroe on Saturday, and further details are available from Mark Beveridge, Head of Cultural and Leisure Services, on 01200 425111, or the Clitheroe Food Festival website

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