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Get Up and Active in a Tick - Get Started with a Swipe or Click

Ribble Valley Borough Council’s health and fitness officer, Tracy Balko (left), with the council’s healthy and fitness team.
Ribble Valley Borough Council’s health and fitness officer, Tracy Balko (left), with the council’s healthy and fitness team.
Published Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ribble Valley residents are getting ‘up and active’ in a new scheme that puts health and fitness in the palm of their hands.

Up and Active is accessible via smartphones, iPhones and the internet, and outlines a host of activities throughout East Lancashire – many of them free – via an activity search featuring community events, health walks, school activities, family workshops, afterschool clubs and gardening schemes.

Users can register on the Up and Active web site and track and monitor their progress, as well as download activity guides and information. They can also take part in a range of weight management programmes, including courses and workshops, many of them free.

Since being launched, Up and Active, which is supported by Ribble Valley Borough Council, has attracted 310,000 users across East Lancashire.

Tracy Balko, the council’s health and fitness officer, said: “Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of many chronic conditions, including coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, mental health problems and musculoskeletal conditions.

“Up and Active can be accessed by people wherever they are and the council’s health and fitness team is also on hand to help them achieve the recommended activity levels of 30 minutes five days a week, as well as provide support in weight management.”

Up and Active offers a variety of activities to help people be more active or lose weight, including easy circuits, tai chi, swimming, aqua aerobics and cardiac rehabilitation.

It also offers a discounted rate for three months at participating leisure centres, including Roefield, Oakhill and Ribblesdale Pool.

Statistics show that just 56 per cent of adults in Lancashire achieve the recommended levels of physical activity each week.

Tracy Balko added: “Obesity combined with lack of exercise is one of the biggest preventable causes of early death alongside smoking. As well as shortening people’s life expectancy, it can lead to many years of poor health and low quality of life.

“The combination of healthy eating and exercise helps people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, and we are determined to help Ribble Valley residents improve their health by helping them get up and active.”

Further details are available from Ribble Valley Borough Council’s health and fitness team on 01200 414484 or


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