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Festive Refuse Collection and Recycling in Ribble Valley

Published Thursday, 21 December 2017

Due to Christmas and New Year falling on a weekday there will be a change to refuse collections.

Residents in Ribble Valley are advised of changes to refuse collection and recycling over the festive period: Scheduled collection date (rearranged date) – Monday, 25 December (Saturday 23), Tuesday 26 (Wednesday 27), Wednesday 27 (Thursday 28), Thursday 28 (Friday 29), Friday 29 (Saturday 30), Monday, 1 January (Tuesday 2), Tuesday 2 (Wednesday 3), Wednesday 3 (Thursday 4), Thursday 4 (Friday 5), Friday 5 (Saturday 6).

Collections will resume as normal on Monday, 8 January.

Waste paper and cardboard will also be collected on the rearranged refuse collection dates, and residents are reminded to recycle their Christmas wrap, cards and packaging.

Christmas trees should be chopped up and placed inside green bins, or for households not on the green wheeled bin service tied up and left with burgundy bins or lilac sacks. They can also be taken to the household waste recycling centres at Henthorn, Clitheroe, or Chapel Hill, Longridge.

Further information is available from

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas:

  • Over Christmas, Britons will eat more than 175 million mince pies. Their foil cases can be recycled.
  • More than 19,000 tonnes of turkey will be consumed over Christmas, much of it packaged in recyclable foil trays.
  • Over five million extra canned drinks will be consumed over Christmas. Recycling one aluminium drink can saves enough energy to run a set of Christmas tree lights for two hours.
  • Over eight million real Christmas trees will be bought in Britain, the majority of which will be thrown away, generating 160,000 tonnes of waste equating to 21 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower.
  • The UK will consume 5.5 million jars of mincemeat, 12 million jars of pickles and 6.5 million jars of cranberries. Recycling the jars would save enough energy to boil the water for 60 million cups of tea.
  • Over 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper will be thrown away in the UK over Christmas, enough to cover Hyde Park 33 times. Wrapping paper can be shredded, recycled and even used to clean windows.

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