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Youth ‘Disco’ Aims to Put Anti-Social Behaviour in a Spin

Longridge youth disco
IN A SPIN: Ribble Valley councillor Rupert Swarbrick (right), with Kieren Spencer and Rachael Ray of Longridge Community Arts.
Published Monday, 16 April 2018

Longridge is to get a youth ‘disco’ in a bid to put anti-social behaviour in a spin.

The Ribble Valley Community Safety Partnership, chaired by Ribble Valley Borough Council, has given Longridge Community Arts £4,500 to host weekly youth clubs for 13 to 16-year-olds.

The Friday night sessions will include workshops, where youngsters will learn the necessary skills to plan and develop the ‘disco’, as well as DJ and run a tuck shop.

The disco, which is expected to be called Club Night, will be held at Longridge Civic Hall in the summer.

Longridge has suffered a spate of anti-social behaviour, with 140 reported incidents last year. In one, a mounted police unit was mobilised following pleas from desperate residents and 12 youngsters threatened with arrest if they failed to move on.

Longridge Community Arts subsequently surveyed over 40 ‘challenging’ young people in the town, who said a youth disco would divert them from anti-social behaviour.

Ribble Valley councillor Rupert Swarbrick said: “We have been working with the community safety partnership and voluntary groups for some time to try and tackle anti-social behaviour.

“The youth club is a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to get involved in planning and delivering the disco, and I would like to thank Longridge Community Arts for taking this project forward.”

Kieren Spencer, of Longridge Community Arts, said: “Local youngsters told us they wanted a youth disco and we are working with councils and community groups to make it happen.

“The first youth club last week attracted over 30 youngsters and we hope as many people as possible will get involved, so that Club Night becomes a real community event.” 

“I would like to thank Ribble Valley Borough Council, Longridge Town Council and Lancashire County Council, whose support has been fantastic.”

Ribble Valley is one of the safest places in Lancashire and behind the scenes a great deal of hard work is going on to ensure it remains so.

Ribble Valley Borough Council chairs the Ribble Valley Community Safety Partnership, which is responsible for developing a crime and disorder reduction strategy every three years, including initiatives aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour.

The Longridge Youth Club is held on Friday nights at the Longridge Youth and Community Centre in Berry Lane.

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