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Ribble Valley Borough Council

When can I see a Planning Officer?

Can I see a Planning Officer?


Planning Officers are not available to see enquirers at the counter, and are not able to answer speculative telephone enquiries if you phone the department without prior arrangementPlease follow our formal enquiry system as detailed below. 

The Planning Department no longer advises whether or not planning permission is required.  If you require confirmation of this type, please submit an application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the proposed development.  Such an application costs half the normal fee for a Householder planning application.

Further guidance on whether or not you need planning permission can be found at http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/ however,  these guidelines do not apply to any addresses that have had their Permitted Development Rights removed.  We therefore advise that before consulting the planning portal you first check your property's planning history to ascertain whether or not these Rights have been removed.  If they have, then planning permission will automatically be required for any development proposed at the site. 

To find out whether you still have Permitted Development Rights by checking your planning history you will need to come to the Planning Department to check our archives yourself.  This can be done without an appointment, between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday.   You can also pay us to search for you by sending us a completed Planning History/PD Search form and the relevant fee, together with a red-edge plan showing the area you wish us to search.

However, if you know that you do need to make a planning application but wish to have advice on your proposed plans before you formally submit your application, you can send us your enquiry in writing as described below:-

For all  types of enquiries, you need to send us a completed Request for Pre-application Advice Form.  Depending on the type of enquiry made, a fee will also be payable.  The Pre-application guidance notes will enable you to categorise your enquiry and work out the fee.  There are no refunds.  For all types of enquiry form you will need to send plans, drawings and photos, where relevant, showing a view of the location, site and proposed development.  These plans need to accurately reflect your proposal in order that we can give you meaningful advice. 

The more information you supply with the form, the better the advice we can provide. If we feel that inadequate information has been provided, we may reject your request for pre-application advice. 

Please do not email your request forms, plans or photos. Our firewall may prevent your email from being received and we may not have the software necessary to open attachments.  We may not have any equipment to allow us to print your plans to scale, or your photos in colour and so we cannot accept enquiries by email.

For enquiries regarding Enforcement issues please contact Lucia Varo, Legal Department, Ribble Valley Borough Council, Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe, BB7 2RA.