Application 3/2015/0639

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Change of use of part of the first floor of previously approved outbuilding (3/2007/0233) to granny annexe.

Name Information
Development address Varley Farm Anna Lane Forest Becks Bolton by Bowland BB7 4NZ
Parish : Bolton-by-Bowland, Gisburn Forest and Sawley
Applicant Mrs Susan Farmer
Varley Farm Anna Lane Forest Becks Bolton by Bowland Clitheroe BB7 4NZ
Officer Robert Major
Tel : 01200 414516
Email :
Key dates Received : 23/07/2015
Registered : 15/12/2015
Valid : 30/11/2015
Committee : 05/01/2016
Planning Status Decided - Final Decision
Date : 06/01/2016
Attached files 15 0639 AmendExistPlan4Jan16
15 0639 AmendPropPlan4Jan16
15 0639 Application Form
15 0639 Existing Plan
15 0639 Existing Site Survey
15 0639 Location Plan
15 0639 Parish response
15 0639 Proposed Plan
Consultee Address Date Consulted Consultation Expiry Date
File copy 15/12/2015 05/01/2016
Bolton-By-Bowland, Gisburn Forest & Sawley Parish Council Mrs C Holmes Higher Scarloom House Holden Bolton by Bowland BB7 4PF Bolton by Bowland Sawley BB7 4NJ Lancs BB7 1HW 15/12/2015 05/01/2016
BROAD INGS Anna Lane Bolton By Bowland Lancashire BB7 4NZ 15/12/2015 05/01/2016
Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate Highways PO Box 9 Guild House Cross Street Preston Lancs PR1 8RD 15/12/2015 29/12/2015

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