Application 3/2016/0238

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Grade II Listed Quaker Meeting House , with an attached cottage for which approval is sought to combine into a single domestic dwelling. This will involve internal alterations to form new openings between the existing cottage Scullery and Meeting House Disabled WC, conversion of the existing Meeting House Kitchen into an Entrance Hall and Cloaks Cupboard and the opening up of the wall between the existing Kitchen and Sitting Room of the Cottage to form a large Kitchen/Dining Area.

Name Information
Development address Meeting House Sawley Road Grindleton BB7 4RS
Parish : Grindleton
Applicant Mr Paul Atkinson
Park Nook Hellifield Road Bolton-by-Bolton Lancashirer BB7 4LU
Agent Mr Ivan Wilson
IWA Architects Ltd Waterloo Mill Waterloo Road Clitheroe BB7 1LR ADMIN@IWAARCHITECTS.CO.UK
Officer John Macholc
Tel : 01200414502
Email :
Key dates Received : 01/03/2016
Registered : 18/03/2016
Valid : 01/03/2016
Committee : 25/05/2016
Planning Status Decided - Final Decision
Date : 25/05/2016
Attached files 16 0238 AMS Response
16 0238 Ancient Monuments response
16 0238 Ancient Monuments response 2
16 0238 Application Form
16 0238 Design and Access
16 0238 Existing Plans
16 0238 Georgian response
16 0238 Heritage Statement
16 0238 Highways Response
16 0238 Historic England Response
16 0238 LCAS Response
16 0238 Listing Description
16 0238 Location Plan
16 0238 Prop Plans Amend 24May16
16 0238 Proposed Plans
160238 Decision Notice.docx
Consultee Address Date Consulted Consultation Expiry Date
NW Region Suite 3.3 & 3.4 Canada House 3 Chepstow Street MANCHESTER M2 3SW 21/03/2016 18/04/2016
Consultation 21/03/2016 11/04/2016
St Mary's House 66 Bootham York YO30 7BZ 21/03/2016 18/04/2016
Mr Barry Holden Clerk to Grindleton Parish Council Woodcroft Grindleton Road Grindleton Lancs BB7 4QL 21/03/2016 11/04/2016
St Ann's Vestry Hall 2 Church Entry LONDON EC4V 5HB 21/03/2016 18/04/2016
Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate Highways PO Box 9 Guild House Cross Street Preston Lancs PR1 8RD 21/03/2016 04/04/2016
6 Fitzroy Square LONDON W1P 3DX 21/03/2016 18/04/2016
THE CROFT Sawley Road Grindleton Lancashire BB7 4RT 21/03/2016 11/04/2016
GREEN END CROFT Sawley Road Grindleton Lancashire BB7 4RS 21/03/2016 11/04/2016
GREEN END COTTAGE Sawley Road Grindleton Lancashire BB7 4RS 21/03/2016 11/04/2016
GREEN END Sawley Road Grindleton Lancashire BB7 4RS 21/03/2016 11/04/2016
FRIENDS COTTAGE Sawley Road Grindleton Lancashire BB7 4RS 21/03/2016 11/04/2016
MEETING HOUSE Sawley Road Grindleton Lancashire BB7 4RS 21/03/2016 11/04/2016
1 Priory Gardens Bedford Park LONDON W4 1TT 21/03/2016 18/04/2016

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