Wiswell Community Governance Review

Please complete the questions below, ticking yes or no as appropriate, and make any comments in the boxes provided.
Q1 Should Wiswell Parish Council be split to form separate parishes for Wiswell and Barrow
Q2 If the existing Parish of Wiswell were split, should the Wiswell ward still have a Parish Council?
Q3 Should the Wiswell Parish Council continue to be called Wiswell Parish?
Q4 If the existing Parish of Wiswell were split, should the Barrow ward have a Parish Council?
Q5 If the existing Parish of Wiswell were split, and a new Parish for Barrow formed, should the new Barrow Parish be called Barrow Parish?
Q6 If the existing Parish of Wiswell were split to form two Parishes, do you agree that the electoral arrangements for each of the new Parishes should be as follows:
l Ordinary elections of councillors to be held every four years, commencing May 2013.
l Five councillors be elected to the Parish Council.
l The Parish will not be divided into wards for the purposes of electing Parish councillors?
The consultation stage of this Community Governance Review is an open public consultation.  In the interests of openness and transparency the Council will make available for public inspection copies of all representations it receives and takes into account, including your name and address.  We ask for your contact details so that we can come back to you for clarification if required.  We may also use this information to contact you for feedback on the proposals we develop following this initial stage of the consultation. Please provide your details below:
Q11 Please indicate if you are a resident of:

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.
Please ensure that your completed response is submitted to the Council no later than 28th September 2012 in order for it to be considered.


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