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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Agendas, Reports and Minutes

Policy and Finance

Date: Tuesday 21st September 2010




Budget Forecast 2010/11 to 2014/15 (Download Reports. 66.19 KB)

Shared Service Contact Centre (Download Reports. 106.53 KB)

Members' Allowances (Download Reports. 26.07 KB)

Risk Management Policy (Download Reports. 1009.25 KB)

Equity and Excellence - Liberating the NHS (Download Reports. 33.88 KB)

References from Committee (Download Reports. 17.53 KB)

Concurrent Functions Grant Scheme (Download Reports. 32.68 KB)

Insurance Renewals 2010/11 (Download Reports. 31.2 KB)

Minutes of Budget Working Group held on 19 May, 23 June and 21 July 2010 (Download Reports. 51.44 KB)

Timetable for Budget Setting (Download Reports. 36.21 KB)

Revenues and Benefits General Report (Download Reports. 42.93 KB)

Capital Outturn 2009/10 (Download Reports. 42.92 KB)

Overall Capital Outturn 2009/10 (Download Reports. 73.51 KB)

Capital Monitoring 2010/11 (Download Reports. 123.69 KB)

Overall Capital Monitoring 2010/11 (Download Reports. 41.86 KB)

Treasury Management Activities 2009/10 (Download Reports. 86.04 KB)

Treasury Management Monitoring 2010/11 (Download Reports. 81.48 KB)

Revenue Outturn 2009/10 (Download Reports. 64.94 KB)

Overall Revenue Outturn 2009/10 (Download Reports. 54.48 KB)

Revenue Monitoring 2010/11 (Download Reports. 71.18 KB)

Ombudsman's Annual Review Report 2009-2010 (Download Reports. 28.61 KB)

Appendix 1 - Ombudsman's Annual Review Report 2009-2010 (Download Reports. 186.71 KB)