Abandoned Vehicles

What to do?

Image of a black car abandoned near some trees

If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned in the borough, you can report this to the Council.

The Council will only consider looking into an abandoned vehicle if it has been stationary for a period longer than 21 days; providing it’s not a wreck.

When reporting, please provide as much detail as possible e.g. the length of time the vehicle has been stationary, the vehicle registration, colour, manufacturer, location, condition etc. 

Further to a report, an officer from the Environmental Health department will undertake an investigation to establish whether the vehicle is genuinely abandoned and attempt to determine ownership. Where a vehicle is confirmed as being abandoned, it will be removed from the highway.

Where an abandoned vehicle is located on private land; removal can be carried out with the landowners written consent.

Abandoned Vehicle Characteristics

An abandoned vehicle usually displays one of the following characteristics:

  • Flat tyres or missing wheels.
  • Vegetation and/or rubbish in and around the car.
  • Broken windows.
  • Excessive rust or mould.
  • No number plates
  • No tax or MOT.

The Council cannot deal with:

  • Poorly parked vehicles
  • Residential parking disputes
  • Vehicles causing obstruction.
  • Broken down vehicles.

How do I Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Please email us at environmental.health@ribblevalley.gov.uk or telephone us on 01200 425111.