Authority Monitoring Reports (AMR)

Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR)

The new approach to development plans introduced by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires the Council to develop monitoring systems to assess both the effectiveness of its adopted development plan and progress in meeting the Local Development Scheme milestones.

The intention is that progressively the Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) process will identify if policies are working, how policies may need to be adjusted or deleted and new policies introduced. It will also, in monitoring the Local Development Scheme (LDS) identify areas where resources may need to be diverted to meet targets or the time frame be adjusted.

The AMR takes the Council's Ambitions and Objectives as a basis and fits the Local Plan policies, ambitions of the department of Communities and Local Government (CLG), the Core Output Indicators, Contextual Indicators and Local Indicators. The effectiveness of Local Plan policy can then be monitored against the wider Council objectives/ targets and assess the extent to which land-use policies make a contribution towards Council targets.

The format of the AMR changed in 2007 and this theme has been continued this year with information now being presented under thematic topic headings. It should also be noted that in early 2008, new CLG guidance was published on Core Output Indicators (COIs), with many of the existing COIs being deleted and new ones formulated. 

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