Large Green Bins

Large Green Bins are Still Available

You can still exchange your 140 litre green bin for a larger 240 litre green bin to recycle your garden waste.


The dimensions of the large bins are:

Green bin with dimensions

Height - 1100mm, Width - 590mm, Depth - 740mm.

What goes in a green bin?

You can put the following items in your green bin for recycling:

  • grass and hedge cuttings
  • leaves and prunings
  • weeds and flowers
  • Christmas trees
  • straw and sawdust

Material should not be condensed and squashed into your bins as it may damage the body of the bin and may be too heavy to empty.

In January 2016, Lancashire County Council as the Waste Disposal Authority announced their intention to close the processing facility that composts mixed food and garden waste. We are obliged to comply with their requirements. This means that we will no longer be able to collect food waste within your green wheeled bins.

Only green garden waste can be placed in your green wheeled bin. All your food waste must be placed in your burgundy bin.

The following items should not be put in your green bin:

  • All food waste
  • bones
  • large branches
  • soil
  • stones
  • anything that will not rot

The items above can be taken to your local tip, also known as a household waste and recycling centre (HWRC).

How to arrange for a larger green bin

Contact us on or 01200 425111 to arrange delivery of a new green bin and collection of your current 140 litre green bin (where applicable).

Is there a charge for the bin to be exchanged?

No, providing the 240 litre bin is exchanged for the existing 140, the replacement bin is entirely free. 

Must my bin be empty for exchange?

Yes, we will be unable to exchange bins with material inside them.

Do I have to put out my 140 litre bin to receive the new 240 litre bin?

Yes, this is a bin exchange and the new 240 litre bin can only be provided in exchange for your 140 litre bin.

Will the 240 litre bin be too heavy to move if filled with green waste?

Not if the bin is used correctly. Never put too much waste into the bin so that it becomes too heavy for you to safely move.

Only use the bin to recycle acceptable materials and never force or compact the waste as our refuse collection team may not be able to empty it.

Make sure your bin is emptied regularly.

Can I have two 140 litre bins instead of one 240 litre bin?

No, we can only provide one 140 litre green bin or one 240 litre green bin to each property.

Can I use the larger green bin for my recyclable bottles and cans instead of my blue 140 litre bin?

No, the larger 240 litre green bin is only for green garden waste. If other materials are put in the green bin it will not be emptied and may be removed.

If I accept the large 240 litre green bin but later decided it is too large, can I exchange it back for the 140 litre green bin?

Yes. There is no charge to exchange the bin back but it must be empty for exchange.

Will the bins be chipped?

Yes, like the majority of our bins each new bin will contain an identity chip. The identity chip contains the allocated address of the bin which is used if it is lost or found elsewhere.