Paper and Cardboard Waste Collection

Households are provided with re-usable white sacks to place clean paper and cardboard for recycling.

White sacks are collected fortnightly (every two weeks). Some properties will have their white sack collected on the same day as their green wheeled bin and some properties will have their white sack collected on the same day as their blue wheeled bin.

It helps to keep the paper and cardboard clean and dry if it is all placed in the white sacks provided, especially during times of bad weather; or ideally please avoid presenting loose paper and cardboard during such times.

We will collect paper and cardboard which is presented in other plastic bags, however these cannot be returned to you.

When is my white sack collection day? 

Use the bin collection day search and enter your post code or street name in the search to find out which day your bins are collected and which week your white sack will be collected.

  • Green = white paper recycling sack to be put out with Green Wheeled Bin
  • Blue = white paper recycling sack to be put out with Blue Wheeled Bin

A waste collection sticker is attached to the bin of every home each year which explains which bin is collected week by week. 

Your sack must be out and ready for collection by 7.30am on the morning of collection and be clearly visible, otherwise it may not be collected until the next date of collection.

Missed Collection 

If you placed your white sack out for collection on time and you think we have missed it. Please report it through the missed bin collection form

If your white sack was put out late (after 7.30am) then we will not be able to collect it until the next collection (in two weeks). 

In the event of disruption to the collection service any missed collections will be collected the following morning.

What can be put in the sack?

All clean paper, newspapers, magazines, brochures, telephone directories including yellow pages, junk mail (without plastic covers), grey and brown cardboard including greeting cards, envelopes (please remove plastic windows).

What cannot be put in the sack?

Tissues, face masks, padded envelopes (e.g. jiffy bags), bubble wrap, plastic junk mail covers, milk or juice cartons (Tetrapak), sticky tape or labels.

How do I get a replacement sack or collection schedule?

Contact Ribble Valley Borough Council by emailing or calling 01200 425111.

Bank Holidays

The collection is provided on all Bank Holidays except during Christmas and New Year.