The Waste and Recycling Service

The council has no contracts for waste collection services as this is done in-house. 

Households are limited to three wheeled bins

A 140 litre burgundy bin is provided for the weekly collection of general/non recyclable waste, which is collected alongside the alternate weekly collection of a 140 litre blue bin provided for the recovery of mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles, and either a 140 or 240 litre green bin provided for garden waste. A white reusable sack is provided for the fortnightly collection of mixed waste paper and cardboard. If you require a sack please contact us at or 01200 425111.

If bins are less than a quarter full residents are asked to consider not presenting them for collection.

How to order bins

Bins can be ordered by contacting the Contact Centre on 01200 425111. There is a cost of £47.30 for one bin, £82.60 for two bins and £112.20 for three bins and once ordered are allocated to that particular property. If the bin is stolen the police must be contacted and the incident number passed to the council before the bin will be replaced for free. A waiting list exists for the delivery of bins and the crews are advised to remove waste in black bags from the properties affected until the bins have been delivered.

More information about charges for bins can be found in the Replacement Charging Policy for Household Recycling and Waste Containers.

What you need to know

  • You can recycle clean plastic pots, tubs and trays – grades 1, 2 and 5 within the recycling triangle on the packaging.
  • Please note that green wheelie bins can be emptied up until 3pm on collection days
  • Residents must not put any extra bags of general waste or recycling at the kerbside for collection.
  • If you have any additional waste or recycling that will not fit into your bin with a closed lid please take it to either Longridge Recycling Centre or Clitheroe Recycling Centre
  • Wheeled bins will not be emptied if they are considered to contain the wrong material or are excessively heavy.  A sticker will be attached to the bin advising you what to do. You will be responsible for removing the material by placing it in the correct bin or taking it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.
  • Residents must ensure that the lids of their bins are fully closed when out for collection

Bins and white sacks should be left out for collection from 7.30am.

If you wish you may put them out after 6.00pm the evening before collection. If you forget to put out your bins or they are not left at the designated collection point they will not be collected. Please note your bins and white sack are collected in different vehicles so may be collected at different times.

You are legally required to remove your bins from the footpath, road or back street after collection and return them inside the boundary of your property.

If your bin is left in the footpath, road or back street you could be subject to a fixed penalty fine.

Householders are requested to present their wheeled bins with the handles facing the highway and to be careful not to obstruct pedestrian or vehicular access.

Please remember that the vehicles need access to your street/road/lane on your collection day. Please park your car so that the collection vehicle can gain access safely and easily. 

If for any reason such as age or disability you or anyone you know is having difficulty using their bins and moving them out and in on collection days (and there is no one living at the property able to help) you can request an assisted collection.