Clitheroe Cemetery

Cemetery Fees and Charges

Purchasing Graves

It is possible to buy a grave long before it will be used. This can be done by visiting the cemetery office in Clitheroe, where the staff will assist you with any queries which you may wish to discuss. Payment for the grave should be made at this time and grave deeds will then be issued as proof of ownership. 

Please see below for a full list of Clitheroe cemetery charges.

Exclusive Burial Rights

Grave Plot - £999
Ashes Plot - £494
Woodland Plot - £904


Stillborn to 1 month - No Charge
Child under 16 years - £196
3 Depth - £897
2 Depth - £741
1 Depth (incl. woodland burials) - £692
Ashes (incl. woodland burials) - £168

Fees for Memorials

Right to Erect Headstone - £204
Provision of Foundation (including VAT) - £112
Right to Place Stone Plaque on Ashes Plot - £110
Cemetery Plaque - At Cost
Memorial Bench - At Cost

Other Cemetery Charges

Search Fee - £37.50
Copy of grave deed - £37.50
Certificate of Burial/Certificate of Transfer/ Copy Certificate - £48.80

Fees for burial rights and interments are double for non-residents of Ribble Valley.