Ribble Valley Community Toilet Scheme

List of Participants in Ribble Valley Community Toilet Scheme

The Lower Buck
Edisford Rd, Waddington, Clitheroe BB7 3HU
+44 1200 423342
What3words: www.what3words.com/swear.herds.cropping

Waddington Arms
56 Clitheroe Rd, Clitheroe BB7 3HP
+44 1200 423262
What3words: www.what3words.com/transmitted.round.recruiter

Caffe Nero
27-29 Castle Street, Clitheroe, BB7 2BX
+44 1200 427434
What3words: www.what3words.com/cycle.objecting.anyone

Duck St, Clitheroe BB7 1LP
+44 345 677 9176
What3words: www.what3words.com/sifts.walkway.ghosts

Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
Moor Ln, Clitheroe BB7 1BE
+44 1200 444012
What3words: www.what3words.com/lightly.disarmed.shortens

Maxwells Cafe Wine Bar
54-56 King St, Clitheroe BB7 2EU
+44 1200 443906
What3words: www.what3words.com/hired.compliant.thrones

Atrium Café
1BA Castle St, Clitheroe BB7 2BT
+44 1200 442630
What2words: www.what3words.com/best.burglars.princely

Clitheroe Library
Church St, Clitheroe BB7 2DG
+44 300 123 6703
What3words: www.what3words.com/readily.geese.gained

The Brown Cow Inn
Bridge Rd, Chatburn, Clitheroe BB7 4AW
+44 1200 440736
What3words: www.what3words.com/chopper.breathed.harshest

Black Bull Inn
17 Bridge Rd, Chatburn, Clitheroe BB7 4AW
+44 1200 440170
What3words: www.what3words.com/factored.sending.fund

Inglewhite Road, Longridge, Preston, PR3 2NA
+44 1772 479030
What3words: www.what3words.com/format.faces.trickled

Black Bull
Church St, Ribchester, Preston PR3 3YE
+44 1254 820453
What3words: www.what3words.com/lifestyle.lurching.booklets

Ribchester Arms
Blackburn Rd, Ribchester, Preston PR3 3ZQ
+44 1254 820888
What3words: www.what3words.com/princes.shielding.brimmed

Calfs Head
Worston, Clitheroe BB7 1QA
+44 1200 441218
What3words: www.what3words.com/dating.claims.butternut

Bashall Barn Ltd
Bashall Eaves, Clitheroe BB7 3LQ
+44 1200 428964
What3words: www.what3words.com/physical.narrates.shielding

McDonald's Ribble Valley
Ribble Valley Enterprise Park, Holm Rd, Barrow, Clitheroe BB7 9WF
+44 1254 825804
What3words: www.what3words.com/sandbags.swooning.upwards

Barrow Service Station
Barrow Brook, Whalley Road, Clitheroe, BB7 9WF
+44 1254 825701
What3words: www.what3words.com/seaside.wheat.building

Primrose Garage
Whalley Road, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1HS
+44 1200 429894
What3words: www.what3words.com/typified.blushed.branded

Black Bull Inn
Old Langho Rd, Blackburn BB6 8AW
+44 1254 248801
What3words: www.what3words.com/unzips.plodding.upcoming

No 65 Cafe & Deli
65 Berry Lane, Preston, PR3 3NH
+44 1772 786565
What3words: www.what3words.com/skimmers.informs.smaller

Longridge Library
Berry Lane, Longridge, Lancashire, PR3 3JA
+44 300 123 6703
What3words: www.what3words.com/handfuls.crass.filer

Tosside Community Hall
Tosside, Skipton BD23 4SQ
+44 1729 840272
What3words: www.what3words.com/projects.inclined.fuzz

Ribchester Public Toilets
Ribchester Car Park, Fort Avenue, Ribchester, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 3YH
What3words: www.what3words.com/spin.encloses.tacky

Sabden Public Toilets
Sabden, Clitheroe BB7 9EB
what3words: www.what3words.com/ribcage.smashes.page

Slaidburn Public Toilets
Slaidburn, Clitheroe BB7 3AE
What3words: www.what3words.com/retailing.jetting.masterful

Longridge Public Toilets
Townley Gardens, Berry Lane, Longridge, Preston PR3 3JP
What3words: www.what3words.com/ejects.drill.adapt

Whalley Public Toilets
Whalley Bus Station, King St Whalley BB7 9TY
What3words: www.what3words.com/skies.backers.swinging

Bolton-by-Bowland Public Toilets
3 Main St, Bolton By Bowland, Main St, BB7 4NW
What3words: www.what3words.com/grower.reclaimed.locals

Clitheroe Castle Public Toilets
Castle Hill, Castle Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1BA
What3words: www.what3words.com/corrects.warping.weeks

Chipping Public Toliets
32 Kirklands, Chipping, Preston PR3 2GN
What3words: www.what3words.com/hunches.oxidation.grouping

Railway View Car Park
Railway View Avenue, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2EP
What3words: www.what3words.com/lights.wreck.warns

Clitheroe Market Toilets
NewMarket St, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2JT
What3words: www.what3words.com/composers.promises.standards

Edisford Public Toilets
Edisford rd, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 3LA
What3words: www.what3words.com/flow.lavished.surprise

Dunsop Bridge Public Toilets
Dunsop Bridge, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 3BB
What3words: www.what3words.com/perfected.roses.shiny

Downham Public Toilets
Downham Car Park, Off Main St, Downham, BB7 4BN
What3words: www.what3words.com/ticket.disco.hoping

Hurst Green Public Toilets
Avenue Rd, Hurst Green, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9QB
What3words: www.what3words.com/clipboard.freezing.dignitary

Clitheroe Cemetery Toilets
Waddington Rd, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2JD
What3words: www.what3words.com/backswing.large.moderated

Spring Wood Public Toilets
Accrington Rd, Whalley, Clitheroe BB7 9UE
What3words: www.what3words.com/fence.described.teamed

New Drop Inn
Green Moor Ln, Knowle Green, Preston PR3 2XE
+44 1254 878338
What3words: www.what3words.com/branch.squirted.downfield

Texaco Garage
Gisburn Rd, Gisburn BB7 4ES
+44 1200 415953
What3words: www.what3words.com/rationed.mows.unsecured

Traders Arms
Mellor Ln, Mellor, Blackburn BB2 7EW
+44 1254 812478
What3words: www.what3words.com/shared.twigs.tanks

The Emporium
Moor Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1BE
+44 1200 444174
What3words: www.what3words.com/spider.touched.nanny

The Broughton Inn
502 Garstang Rd, Broughton, Preston PR3 5HE
+44 1772 864288
What3words: www.what3words.com/post.taken.shut

The Old Oak
111 Preston Rd, Longridge, Preston, PR3 3BA
+44 1772) 783648
What3words: www.what3words.com/tomb.proposals.cope

The Corporation Arms
Lower Rd, Longridge, Preston PR3 2YJ
+44 172 782644
What3words: www.what3words.com/shadowed.sometimes.inquest

Booths Petrol Station (Longridge)
Berry Lane, Longridge, PR3 3NH
What3words: www.what3words.com/twigs.boils.tropic