Conservation Areas

There are 22 designated conservation areas in the Ribble Valley.

In 2005 the Borough Council commissioned consultants to appraise and provide management guidance for all of the Ribble Valley's existing conservation areas (16), and to consider five areas for new conservation area designation. Following the completion of this exercise, new conservation areas were designated at Hurst Green, Sabden,Worston, Newtown (Longridge), and St Lawrence's Church (Longridge). The existing conservation areas at Chatburn, Chipping, Clitheroe, Gisburn, Grindleton, Longridge, Ribchester, Sawley, Waddington, Whalley and Wiswell were extended (see Planning and Development Committee of 3 April 2007 and 6 March 2008).

Two further extensions (not part of the above consultant exercise) to Longridge Conservation Area were designated at the Planning and Development Committee of 22 May 2008 (Stonebridge Mill and Crumpax Farm).

At the Planning and Development Committee of 4 February 2010 a conservation area was designated for Kirk Mill near Chipping. An extension to the Kirk Mill Conservation Area was designated at the Planning and Development Committee of 7 April 2011.

The information below generally relates to the work produced by the consultants in 2005.  In all but one case the 'Proposed extension to conservation area boundary' or 'Proposed conservation area boundary' shown on the Townscape Appraisal Map now relates to the actual conservation area boundary.  The plan 'Longridge Conservation Area - actual' has been produced because of the numerous changes to the boundary of Longridge Conservation Area.  Further clarification may be found in the relevant Planning and Development Committee reports and minutes.

Hurst Green
St Lawrence's Church (Longridge)
Newtown (Longridge)
Kirk Mill

Planning and Development Committee Reports 

Article 4 Directions

There are two buildings within the Ribble Valley which have an Article 4 Direction removing permitted development rights. (All other buildings without permitted development rights in Ribble Valley have had these rights removed via a condition on a previous planning consent)

Grove House confirmed 16 May 2011 (This property has since become a Listed Building)

1-5 The Grove confirmed 15 September 2011

Conservation Area advice

In the exercise of planning functions in conservation areas special attention has to be given to preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the area.

It should also be noted that some 'permitted development' rights are reduced for properties in conservation areas.

See 'Do I need Planning Permission' and 'Pre-Application Advice'