Listed Buildings in the Ribble Valley

Listed Buildings

Many buildings in the Ribble Valley are of historical importance and are therefore listed to preserve their character. 

If you are a listed property owner there is a useful guide on What does listing mean?

A building becomes listed when one of a number of legal procedures are applied to it. These legal procedures help to protect special buildings. When a building is listed it is placed on a list compiled by Historic England.

You will need to get listed building consent if you want to demolish a listed building or any part of it, or alter it in any way which would affect its character, inside or out.

Ask us for advice even if you only intend to make repairs, as the effect of  repairs on a listed building is not always straightforward. Submit a Pre-application enquiry on the relevant form (please note these are not always free of charge)  Remember, you can be prosecuted if you alter a Listed Building without the necessary Listed Building Consent.