About Ribble Valley Borough Council

Ribble Valley Borough Council is a district council, working alongside Lancashire County Council and local Town and Parish Councils as part of a three-tier local government system.

Contact us

If you would like to contact Ribble Valley Borough Council please use the contact details on the Contact us page.

Council control

The Conservative party have overall control of the council. To find out more about the make-up of the council see Information about Councillors.

Who does what

Ribble Valley Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and Local Town and Parish councils have different responsibilities and provide different services. To find out which council you need see which council does what?


Council employees (our officers) are responsible for the day-to-day running of the council and implementing the policies and decisions taken by councillors.

The council's internal structure operates with three departments (or directorates). These are:

  • Chief Executive
  • Community services
  • Economic Development and Planning
  • Resources

Download the organisational chart for Ribble Valley Borough Council showing staff at the top levels of the organisation.

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive of Ribble Valley Borough Council, Marshal Scott, is responsible for the overall management of the council and achieving its aim and corporate priorities, as well as delivering quality and value for money services.


The Ribble Valley also has a Mayor to represent the city at civic and ceremonial events locally, nationally and internationally. The Mayor changes each year and is a councillor who has to be selected to serve in office by their colleagues.

For more information about the Mayor of Ribble Valley see The Mayor.