Find a Home

You have several options when looking for accommodation in the Ribble Valley (download the leaflet housing options in the Ribble Valley).

Although we no longer own any council homes (housing stock), various Housing Associations provide low cost rental accommodation to people in housing need.

We can also advise you on renting a property in the private sector (e.g. from a private landlord rather than a housing association).

If you wish to own a property, we can advise you on buying an affordable home.

Apply for Housing in Ribble

To apply for housing you need to go through Onward Homes who manage the council's waiting list.


Anyone can apply to join the Ribble Valley waiting list but preference is given to applicants with a local connection. For example:

  • Current resident of the borough for a minimum of 12 months
  • Currently permanently employed in the borough for a minimum of 18 hours per week
  • Applicants who have family in the area defined as mother, father, brother, sister or adult children
  • Persons who are former residents of the borough who have moved from the parish due to lack of affordable accommodation.

Some applicants will not be eligible and may be excluded from joining the housing waiting list. These include:

  • Certain categories of people from abroad due to their nationality, immigration status or intetions to live in this country.
  • People guilty of serious unacceptable behaviour such as serious rent arrears, anti-social behaviour, violent crime or any other breach of tenancy.

If you are not eligible to join the waiting list then you may request a review of the decision. Suspensions will be for a maximum of two years.

Applying for a home

Affordable rented accommodation falls into two categories:

  • General needs properties for families and single people under the age of 55 (e.g. bedsits, flats or houses).
  • Sheltered housing for residents aged over 55 which benefit from additional housing related support.

Ribble Valley Borough Council also work with other housing providers such as private landlords. If you indicate on your application form that you would be interested in renting from a private landlord it will increase your chances of being offered a property.

To apply for housing in Ribble Valley you must complete an application form.

You will need to demonstrate that you are able to cover your rent with your own income or housing benefit. You must also provide proof that you are able to manage other aspects of tenancy such as paying bills on time.

Once you have submited your application form you will be contacted by Onward Homes within 14 days with details of your position on the waiting list.

You can contact Onward Homes in the following ways:

Telephone - 0300 555 0600
Address - Onward Homes, Renaissance Court, 2 Christie Way, Manchester, M21 7QY
Website -


Telephone: 01200 425111

Address: Counc-il Of fices, ley Borough Council, Ribbl-e Val Church Walk, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2RA