Fishing permits

How to obtain a fishing permit


A large stretch of the River Ribble passes through Clitheroe providing plenty of fishing opportunities with easy parking including two disabled access areas with wheelchair access.


Any method fishing for trout, sea trout and salmon with chub, grayling and roach is available along four stretches of the River Ribble in Clitheroe:

  • South of the river at Brungerley Park (Disabled access available)
  • South of the river at Low Moor just behind Ribblesdale Pool
  • South of the river at Edisford Bridge down towards Siddows Hall (Disabled access available)
  • North of the river at Edisford Bridge down towards Edisford Hall.

For fishing locations please see the Fishing location map.

For more information on Rod Licences please visit

Fishing Permits

In addition to the rod licence you will need a fishing permit which is available from the Visitor Information Centre, located in the Platform Gallery on Station Road, Clitheroe, BB7 2JT.

It is open Monday - Friday 10.00am - 4.30pm and Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm.


Ribble Valley Residents

                   Season   Weekly Permit      Daily Permit

Adult            £64.40        £40.50               £20.10

OAP             £27.80       £20.70               £9.60

Junior (U16) £27.80       £20.70               £9.60

Lost Permit   £4.60  


                      Season      Weekly Permit   Daily Permit

Adult               £80.30               £50.40          £24.60

OAP               £40.50               £25.40          £11.80

Junior (U16)   £40.50               £25.40         £11.80

Lost Permit    £4.60  

Children must be accompanied by an adult and hold their own Environment Agency Rod Licence.

*Weekly permits are issued free of charge to young people aged 8 - 18 who are residents in Ribble Valley, for use on the stretch of the River Ribble downstream of Edisford caravan site towards Siddows Wood/Siddows HaIl only(as shown on the map and marker posts on site). Young people aged 13 and over must have a rod licence to be issued with one of these permits. Young people aged 8 and 12 do not need a rod licence but must be accompanied by their parent or a responsible adult to get a permit. (If the parent or responsible adult is to assist the young person when fishing they should hold their own rod licence).

What You Need

  • Proof of address 
    • (Two proofs of address for resident permits and one proof of address for visitor permits, both will need to be supported by photographic evidence eg driving licence or passport)
  • A completed application form, with documentary proof, will be required for all concession permits. 

Rules of Conduct

  1. All young people aged 13 years or over must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence in order to purchase a fishing permit for use on the stretch of water shown on the map. (Rod licences can be purchased from the Post Office
  2. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by their parent or a responsible adult at all times. If the parent or responsible adult is to assist the young person when fishing they should hold their own rod licence.
  3. Fishing shall only take place during daylight hours.
  4. No juniors shall fish whilst the river is in flood.
  5. There shall be no camping or lighting fires on the riverbank and no swimming in the river.
  6. Maximum catch limited to two brace per day. Fish less than 10” in length must be returned to the river.
  7. The Environment Agency Fishery Bye-Laws relating to rod and line shall apply.
  8. Adults accompanying children must not fish themselves unless they hold a valid Rod Licence and permit.
  9. Permission to fish may be withdrawn at any time.
  10. A permit to fish must be carried at all times when fishing and shown to the Bailiff on request.
  11. The requirement of the Bailiff must be observed.
  12. Environmental Agency (EA) rules apply – Max of two salmon per season, two brace of trout and all hen fish returned in October.

Useful Contacts

Tourist Information – 01200 425566
Environment Agency Helpline - 0800 807060
Environment Agency General Enquiries – 03708 506506 or
Wildlife Related Crimes – 0845 1253545