Water supplies

If you have a problem with your water supply please report it to United Utilities:

If you believe the issue has a public health implication please let us know at contact@ribblevalley.gov.uk or telephone 01200 414470.

Water quality

United Utilities are required to regularly sample and monitor the quality of mains water. An annual report of compliance and proposed improvements are submitted to each authority for information purposes.

Consumer Council for Water North West

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by United Utilities a complaint can be reported to Water Voice North West who are based in Manchester. Contact them at:

Water Voice produces an annual report, which can be viewed at www.watervoice.org.uk.  

Private Water Supplies

Private water supplies are those that are not provided by United Utilities.

Private supplies tend to serve isolated, remote properties or small communities. There are approximately 310 private water supplies in Ribble Valley.

Private supplies must be sampled on a regular basis for a range of contaminants. The frequency of these tests is laid down in the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009 and varies according to the usage and volume of water.  Please see the Defra guidance on Prviate Water Supplies or the Ribble Valley Guidance on the Private Water Supplies Regulations for further information.

You will usually be notified of the results within seven days for bacteriological tests and within 14 days for chemical tests.

The costs of sampling and analysis are passed on to the person responsible for the supply.

Water sampling fees
Activity/Service Charge
Risk Assessment

 At cost to a maximum of £500

(£100 minimum)

Check Sample  £76
Audit Sample  £69

Check and Audit Sample when taken together

Small Supply Sample  £66
Bacteriological sample  £46
Investigation following sample failures  At cost to a maximum of £100

Large Supplies:  applies to large domestic supplies of 10m3 per day (or serving 50 or more persons) and private water supplies of any size that are used as part of a commercial or public activity. These require check and audit monitoring a minimum of once a year.

Small Supplies:  applies to domestic supplies which service more than one property but provide less than 10m3 per day. These require small supply monitoring once every five years.

Single Dwelling Supply: are sampled if requested by the householder. 

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