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Street Trading

Street Trading Licence

The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, defines street trading, as the selling or offering for sale any article (including a living thing) in a "street". Anyone wishing to trade in a street within the Borough will be affected and will need to apply for a street trading licence, with the following exceptions;

  • A pedlar holding a current Pedlar's certificate and acting as a Pedlar under the authority of the Pedlar's Act 1871.
  • A trader as part of an authorised market or fair.
  • A trader at a petrol station.
  • A person trading in association with an adjourning shop premises.
  • Trading in a trunk road picnic area provided under Section 112 of the Highways Act 1980.
  • Trading as a news vendor, where the only articles sold or offered for sale are newspapers and periodicals.

Street Trading Consents are issued by the Council subject to the following standard conditions, as long as they do not conflict with or are amended by any special conditions imposed on the grant of consent.

(a) The Consent shall be valid for the period specified in the consent, but this period shall not exceed 12 months.

(b) The Consent may be revoked by the Council at any time.

(c) A Consent shall be required for each trading unit (eg each vehicle or stall).

(d) A Consent shall not be assigned or transferred.

(e) Consent holders shall, at all times, clearly and visibly display a valid identification disc on each trading unit. The disc or card to be issued by the Council.

(f) The Council may vary or make additional to the conditions of a Consent at any time.

(g) The Consent shall be limited to the days of the week and between the hours each day, as stated in the Consent.

(h) The Consent holder and/or his employees shall only sell or offer for sale those goods specified in the Consent granted to the Consent Holder.

(i) The Consent Holder and/or his employees shall only trade at the locations(s) specified in the Consent.

(j) The Consent Holder and/or his employees must not cause an obstruction of any street or endanger any person using it.

(k) The Consent Holder and/or his employees must not cause nuisance or annoyance by reason of the street trading activity, whether to persons using or living in the street or otherwise.  In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Consent Holder shall ensure that his customers or patrons conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

(l) When leaving a site the trader shall ensure that the allocations in the immediate vicinity of where he has been trading are clear of refuse and waste arising from the trading.

(m) No waste matter shall be discharged onto a street or be allowed to enter a highway drain.

(n) The use and storage of liquefied petroleum gas shall comply with all current, relevant legislation and codes of practice.

(o) No television, radio, tape player or other devices used for the entertainment of the operator shall be audible outside or beyond the trading unit.

(p) At the end of each trading period the trader shall remove any signs advertising the business, with the exception of those attached to the vehicle or stall used for the purposes of the Street Trading Consent.

(q) No television, radio, tape player or other devices used for the reproduction or annoyance to persons using or living in the street.

(r) Any vehicle, stall or container used by the Consent Holder in the course of street trading shall be constructed and maintained to the satisfaction of all reasonable requirements of the Council, the Police and Highway Authorities as to its construction, safety and appearance.

(s) A Street Trading Consent does not operate as Consent for any purpose other than to permit the holder to trade on a consent street in accordance with any conditions imposed.  The Consent Holder must ensure that he has obtained any other Consent, approval or registration required under any other statutory provision relevant to his trade.

(t) In these conditions "Consent" means a Consent issued under Paragraph 7 of Schedule 4 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.  "Consent Holder" means the person named on the Street Trading Consent issued by the Council and any person employed by him to assist in his trading. "Council" means the Ribble Valley Borough Council.

(u) A street trader shall not trade within 250 metres of a retail shop selling similar goods as its principal business, during the shop opening hours for the particular shop.

(v) All goods must be displayed and sold from within the trading unit (ie the vehicle, stall).  No goods must be displayed on any highway, footpath, carriageway or grass verge.

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