Other Councillors, MPs and MEPs

Resident's in the Ribble Valley are also represented by councillors of other Councils and Members of Parliament.

Ribble Valley Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and Local Town and Parish councils have different responsibilities and provide different services. To find out which councillor you need see which council does what?

County Councillors

Ribble Valley also has four county councillors representing the areas Longridge with Bowland, Ribble Valley North East, Ribble Valley South West and Clitheroe at Lancashire County Council. Use the Lancashire County Council website to find your Lancashire County Council Councillor.

Town and Parish Councillors

The Ribble Valley district contains 33 Parish Councils and two Town Councils. For each Parish and Town Council there will be a number of councillors. To find your Town and Parish Councillors you will need to contact your Town or Parish Council.


The Ribble Valley Member of Parliament (MP) is Nigel Evans. He is a member of the Conservative Party. 

The Ribble Valley MP represents you in the House of Commons. The House of Commons is responsible for making laws in the UK and for overall scrutiny of all aspects of government.


There are eight Members of the European Parliament (MEP) to represent the North West.

  • The Brexit Party
    • Claire Regina Fox
    • Henrik Eyser Overgaard Nielsen
    • David Richard Bull
  • Labour Party
    • Theresa Mary Griffin
    • Julie Carolyn Ward
  • Liberal Democrats
    • Chris Davies
    • Jane Elisabeth Brophy
  • Green Party
    • Gina Dowding

They Scrutinise proposed European laws and the budget of the European Unions, and provide oversight of its other decision-making bodies. 



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