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Performance Management Framework

The Corporate Strategy is a 'link' document. It links:

  • the Government's priorities for local government
  • the priorities and objectives of the Ribble Valley Sustainable Community Strategy
  • the views of our customers
  • the Council's vision and ambitions

The Plan draws together these different strands and creates a framework for more detailed planning and implementation through:

  • a range of statutory and strategic plans
  • corporate priorities which drive forward our ambitions
  • service plans
  • budget planning

The Council provides a wide range of services which contribute strongly to achieving our Ambitions. Each service area produces its own service plan. These set out how each service contributes to achieving the Ambitions of the Council.

The overall goal of any performance management system is to enable an organisation to have a clear strategic overview of:

  • where the organisation is today
  • where the organisation wants to be
  • how the organisation is going to get there

This requires an organisation to have a clear 'Vision' and a set of realistic 'SMART' objectives, which are in turn supported by strategies aligned to the achievement of our Ambitions.

In a dynamic environment it is unlikely that any strategic plan will be fully achieved as originally envisaged. Therefore mechanisms are required to track progress towards the achievement of 'the Vision' and realisation of objectives should be firmly embedded within the system to monitor and measure progress.

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