Ribble Valley's Performance Management system

We have improved our approach and commitment to effective performance management, including improvements to service planning, and formal systems to monitor and evaluate our performance.

The development of structured service and financial performance management arrangements, in order to ensure that our resources are made available and are used effectively, has been vitally important. We have taken steps to ensure that our policy documents are linked together where appropriate and that the budget setting process is clearly linked to our priorities for action.

The Council has introduced a structured performance management framework for all of our services. This provides clear, publicly available information to show our progress. Comprehensive service plans are produced, and these are reviewed and monitored annually to ensure continuous service improvement.

On a quarterly basis, performance information is presented Corporate Management Team and Service Committees. Key performance indicators representing the main functions and activities of the Council are tracked against the targets set in the Corporate Strategy, and monitored to ensure that performance is improving. Weak areas are closely monitored to ascertain reasons for poor performance, and remedial action is taken to ensure that they improve where possible.