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Councillor Expenses

Local Authorities such as Ribble Valley Borough Council are permitted to set the level of allowances that are paid to their Members to cover the expenses that they incur as part of being a local Councillor. Examples of these allowances are:

  • A Basic Allowance - paid to every Member of the Council
  • A Special Responsibility Allowance - paid to Committee Chairmen, the Leader, Deputy Leader, Shadow Leader
  • Travel and Subsistence Allowances

You can find full details of the allowances in the Members Allowances Scheme

The council is required to agree and publicise it's members allowance scheme each year and have an independent review at least every four years.

An independent panel was set up in December 2018 in order to carry out a review for 2019/20. A copy of the independent report can be downloaded.

Details of the amount paid to each Councillor are available to download for each year, see Members' Allowances paid.

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