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Senior Officer Salaries

The Government has pledged greater transparency across the public sector through publishing data. Under the Transparency Code the Council publishes senior salaries and count information for each financial year.

Senior salaries information shows:

  • The job title, remuneration, bonuses and ‘benefits in kind’ details and responsibilities of senior employees whose salary is at least £50,000; and
  • The names of employees whose salaries are £150,000 or more.

The remuneration count information shows the number of employees whose remuneration was at least £50,000, in bands of £5,000.

Latest Full Year - 2018/19

The senior salaries and count information for 2018/19 is shown below

Senior Officer Salaries 2018/19
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2018/19 2018/19 2018/19


Previous Years

The senior salaries and count information for previous years are shown below, beginning with 2013/14.

Senior Officer Salaries (previous years)




2017/18 2017/18 2017/18
2016/17 2016/17 2016/17
2015/16 2015/16 2015/16
2014/15 2014/15 2014/15
2013/14 2013/14 2013/14

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