Job Application Form Information

We do not acknowledge or send a response when we have received an application form.

Candidates to be interviewed are informed within two weeks of the closing date. All unsuccessful applicants are thanked for their applications as soon as an appointment has been made.

The completed paper application form must be sent to the address given on this form. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

References are normally taken up prior to the interview date unless you make clear on the application that you do not agree to this.

Ribble Valley Borough Council is an equal opportunity employer - applications are considered on the basis of the qualifications and experience necessary for the post. When applying for a job with Ribble Valley Borough Council selection for interview is based on the information you provide on the application form.

With your application you will have received:

  • A job description - This gives you details about the job. It lists all the main duties and responsibilities, which the post-holder will be required to carry out.
  • A person specification - This tells you what qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience a person must have to be able to do the job. These are listed as essential and desirable criteria. In order to be invited for the interview you must be able to show that you meet all essential and ideally all the desirable criteria.

Please use the application form provided, continuing on separate sheets if necessary. CVs will not be accepted.

When completed, read through your application carefully and check that each section has been filled in. If you have additional pages, please ensure that they are numbered and securely attached. Ensure you have signed and dated your form and make sure it is sent in plenty of time to arrive before the closing date.

Human Resources

Telephone: 01200 414559