Sites of Special Interest

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is one of the best examples of our country's wildlife or geology. SSSI are designated under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. There are over 4,100 SSSI in England with over 70% of these sites also holding international recognition as Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), Special Protection Areas (SPA), or Ramsar sites. More information on these designations can be found on Natural England.

There are several SSSI sites within the Ribble Valley:

  • Barn Gill Meadow
  • Bell Sykes Meadows
  • Bowland Fells
  • Clitheroe Knoll Reef
  • Cock Wood Gorge
  • Coplow Quarry
  • Far Holme Meadow
  • Field Head Meadow
  • Hodder River
  • Langcliff Cross Meadow
  • Light Clough
  • Little Mearley Clough
  • Myttons Meadows
  • New Ing Meadow
  • Salthill and Bellman Quarries
  • Standridge Farm Pasture
  • White Moss

For more information and maps of SSSI areas please use the Natural England SSSI search facility.


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