Ownership of Land

Who Owns What Land?

We do not have any records to show who land belongs to or where boundaries are, unless the land actually belongs to us (Ribble Valley Borough Council).

We do have historic records of planning applications which could give some details of who owned land when an application was made.

If you are interested in who owns what land visit Lancashire County Council's Land and Property register.

Ribble Valley Borough Council Land, Public Buildings and Open Space

If you are interested in the land, public buildings and open space which the Council owns download our Council Owned Premises documents.

We have published details of all land and building assets occupied or controlled by the Council.  Details include:

  • A Unique Property Reference Number (where available)
  • A Unique asset identity
  • The name of the building/land
  • An address – including street number, street name, postal town and postcode
  • A Map reference
  • Whether it is Freehold/Leasehold
  • Whether it is land with or without a permanent building

See Location of Council Buildings for a map and directions to our main buildings.

Flying of unmanned aircraft

Permission from Ribble Valley Borough Council is required for any flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) e.g. Drones on or above council property.

For more information on the responsibility of unmanned aircraft users please read the Civil Aviation Authority advice.