Camping and Caravan Sites

Residential Caravan Sites

Site rules on residential sites can only be made, varied or deleted if the site owner follows a very specific procedure and, once agreed, they must be deposited with the local authority within a specified time period. Contact your local authority if you are unsure about your site rules and want to look at any rules the site owner has deposited.

Certain site rules cannot be enforced as they are deemed to be unfair.

These include rules:

  • preventing you from selling or gifting your home to anyone but the site owner
  • requiring you to provide the site owner with the home address and contact details of a proposed new occupier and other personal and financial information about them
  • prohibiting you from making improvements to your home or pitch
  • requiring you to pay certain unauthorised deposits or charges
  • requiring you to use tradespeople appointed by the site owner or only purchase goods and services supplied by them.

A full list of unenforceable terms is given in the Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014.

Caravan Park Site Rules

Please download Shireburn Park's site rules.

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