Heads Up – You Will Need Photo-ID to Vote at May Elections

Published: 23rd February 2023

Post IT Note - You will need photo ID to vote at a polling station.
You will need photo ID to vote at a polling station.

For the first time ever, Ribble Valley residents will need photo-ID to vote in local elections.

Ribble Valley goes to the polls in May to elect councillors for the borough’s 40 wards.

And you are being urged to make sure you are vote-ready by checking you have the right ID.

Accepted ID includes a passport, driving licence or some concessionary travel passes, such as an older person’s bus pass.

And you will be able to use expired ID if you are still recognisable from the photo.

But if you do not have one of the accepted forms of ID you will be able to apply for free ID, called a Voter Authority Certificate, online at voter-authority-certificate.service.gov.uk/ or by completing a paper form.

To apply for the certificate, you will need to provide a photograph, your full name, date of birth, the address at which you are registered to vote and national insurance number.

Marshal Scott, Ribble Valley Borough Council’s chief executive and returning officer, said: “Anyone voting at a polling station will need to show photo-ID before receiving their ballot paper.

“Checking that you have the right ID now means you will be ready to have your say at local elections in May.”

The requirement to show photo-ID at your polling station was introduced by the Elections Act, which was passed last year and comes into effect for the first time in May. 

The full list of accepted photo-ID and details of how to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate is available at electoralcommission.org.uk/voterID.

You can also complete a paper application form and send it to Electoral Services, Ribble Valley Borough Council, Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2RA.

  • Don’t forget to vote you must also be registered to vote. It only takes five minutes to register online at gov.uk/register-to-vote. Please make sure you are registered to vote before applying for a Voter Authority Certificate.

Further details are available from Ribble Valley Borough Council’s elections team on 01200 414411/01200 414426 or visit Voter ID on our website.