Supporting Households with Debt and Cost of Living Advice

Published: 15th September 2023


Ribble Valley Borough Council has appointed a debt and cost of living advisor as part of its ongoing commitment to its Household Support Fund (HSF) programme.

Originally introduced in October 2021 by the Department for Work and Pensions, the current phase of the HSF programme, which has resulted in Ribble Valley Borough Council being awarded £240,000 for 2023/24, is aimed at providing help for residents with inflationary changes and the ongoing significant rising cost of living.

To strengthen the service provided, the Council has appointed a debt and cost of living advisor to both assist residents who wish to apply for the HSF fund and to help residents who feel they may need additional support and benefit advice.

Nicola Hopkins, Ribble Valley Borough Council’s director of economic development and planning said: “The cost-of-living crisis continues, and more and more households are struggling to make ends meet.

“Through the ongoing provision of the HSF, Ribble Valley Borough Council is seeking to support our most vulnerable residents and the appointment of a debt and cost of living advisor further strengthens this.  Provision of such support via other agencies in Ribble Valley can be challenging to access, which is why Ribble Valley Borough Council is initiating this service.

“As a first step, the advisor will be contacting all those residents who have received a voucher to see what further support could be provided.  This could be ensuring that all benefits available are being received or could be to simply offer support for those who are struggling with debt or other financial matters.

“The service is open to anyone who lives or works in Ribble Valley, and we would urge any residents who feel they may need support or advice to get in touch.”

The debt and cost of living advisor will be available on Wednesday afternoons, and all-day on Thursdays and Fridays.  Contact can be made via the customer services team by telephone on 01200 425111.

Further information regarding the Household Support Fund can be found on Ribble Valley Borough Council’s website: Help for Households – Ribble Valley Borough Council