Corporate Governance

Local Code of Corporate Governance

Ribble Valley Borough Council is committed to the seven principles of Good Governance as agreed by CIPFA and SOLACE and published in their document 'Delivering Good Governance in Local Government'.

Ribble Valley Borough Council's Code of Corporate Governance is a framework covering the systems and processes, and cultures and values, by which the council operates and through which we account to, engage with, and lead in our communities. This framework brings together and conforms by an underlying set of legislative requirements, good governance principles and sound management processes.

In following the Local Code of Corporate Governance, the council is demonstrating that in everything it undertakes, its members and staff will:

  1. Behave with integrity, demonstrating strong commitment to ethical values and respecting the rule of the law;
  2. Ensure openness and comprehensive stakeholder engagement;
  3. Define outcomes in terms of sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits;
  4. Determine the interventions necessary to optimise the achievement of intended outcomes;
  5. Develop the council’s capacity, including the capability of its leadership and the individuals within it;
  6. Manage risk and performance through robust internal control and strong public financial management; and
  7. Implement good practices in transparency, reporting and audit to deliver effective accountability.