Ribble Valley Borough Council Corporate Strategy

The Corporate Strategy

Ribble Valley Borough Council's Corporate Strategy 2019 - 2023 sets out the strategic direction of the Council over the period 2019 - 2023, providing a focus to ensure that the services we deliver meet the needs of our communities.  The Strategy has a four-year scope, but is reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to reflect changes to our priorities that occur over time.  Following the next local elections taking place in 2023, we will develop a new Strategy.

The Council cannot be effective without clarity about:

  • where it wants to be in the long term (its Vision),
  • what sort of organisation it wants to be (its Values),
  • its Ambitions (and Objectives), and
  • how it will achieve its objectives (its Actions)

The Strategy contains five corporate ambitions to address issues that matter most to the Borough.  Each ambition has a number of objectives, with underlying medium-term and short-term priority actions, and key measures of success, which should allow progress towards the achievement of the objective to be monitored.  These are expanded upon in the supporting Service Plans. The Strategy is closely linked to the Ribble Valley Sustainable Community Strategy, which has been drawn up on behalf of the community as a whole by Ribble Valley Strategic Partnership.

The Council's Corporate Strategy forms part of an integrated performance management framework within the Council. Its progress is regularly monitored and reported, and it will be reviewed in line with the Sustainable Community Strategy and linked to Service Plans.