Validation Checklist for Planning Applications

Validation Checklist for Planning Applications

Adopted Validation Checklist

Ribble Valley Borough Council has adopted a local validation checklist for the purposes of validating planning applications.  As well as outlining mandatory national requirements, the document outlines a local list of validation criteria.  This ensures that the Council has the right level of information submitted with the planning application at the start of the process, which can avoid unnecessary delay.

The Council consulted on a draft (updated) local valication checklist for a 6 week period between 21st June and 2nd August 2023.  Comments received during the consultation have been considered.  The final local validation checklist was adopted by the Planning and Development Committee on 24th August 2023 and will be used to validate all planning applications received from 1st September 2023.

The Council's local list is set out in the Adopted Validation Checklist for Planning Applications (August 2023).

This document will be periodically reviewed, at least every two years, to ensure it remains up to date.