Burn Right

As you are aware Defra have been undertaking a lot of work on addressing emissions from domestic combustion with industry sectors.

BurnRight is a national consumer awareness campaign which seeks to address the issue of domestic combustion and unnecessary air pollution. It is particularly concerned with the issues concerning woodburning stoves. 

The campaign is spearheaded by professional chimney sweeps. Chimney sweeps have unique insight into the causes and solutions regarding this problem. They understand the relationships between the appliance, the fuel and the way the consumer operates their stove. They have the knowledge and the opportunity to make a very positive difference to most consumers burning habits. With BurnRight they now have the tools to help them deliver the right messages. 

Please review the information on the campaign website - www.burnright.co.uk   

The website also has a "Trade Information" page. The page is password protected to separate it from the consumer information. The password is "burnright". This Trade Information page contains a video presentation explaining the causes of poor air quality with regard to domestic combustion. The presentation also highlights the tools available to help alter consumer habits and gives guidance on how they may be used.

We encourage you to contact info@burnright.co.uk for further information.