Smoke Control Areas

The first Clean Air Act was introduced in 1956.

The Clean Air Acts became the Clean Air Act 1993 and allows Councils to establish Smoke Control Areas to improve air quality by the use of alternative heating sources or the burning of cleaner fuels.

It is an offence to emit smoke in a Smoke Control Area, and those people who do could be taken to court and fined up to £1,000. Please note that Smoke Control Areas do not relate to garden or allotment bonfires.

Which areas are subject to Smoke Control?

The Parish of Ramsgreave and Parish of Simonstone.

What fuels may be burned in a Smoke Control Area?

Smokeless fuels such as gas, electricity and anthracite together with specified brands of manufactured solid smokeless fuels. These fuels have passed tests to confirm that they are capable of burning in an open fireplace without producing smoke.

Exempt appliances

Exempt appliances are appliances (ovens, wood burners and stoves) which have been exempted by Statutory Instruments (Orders) under the Clean Air Act 1993 or Clean Air (Northern Ireland) Order 1981. These have passed tests to confirm that they are capable of burning an unauthorised or inherently smoky solid fuel without emitting smoke.

Useful Websites

Information on the application process for authorisation/exemption is available at:

The lists can be found at the following links:

Authorised Fuels:

Exempted Fireplaces: