Ribble Valley Tourism


Tourism is an important economic driver, and here in Ribble Valley, the visitor economy is buoyant, driven by a strong and entrepreneurial private sector, and supported by the Council.  The most recent figures indicate that Tourism in Ribble Valley contributes  over £260 million into the local economy, with both the economic impact and visitor numbers currently rising by over 7% per annum. It is recognised that, given the influence of tourism and hospitality in this area, these figures are likely to be an understatement of the true impact, both in spend and employment.

Given the importance of tourism to the economy, the Council employs a dedicated Tourism and Events Officer, to plan and implement marketing strategies in line with a Destination Management Plan, which identifies the areas of greatest potential.

Much of the tourism promotional activity is implemented in partnership with the private sector, and the Ribble Valley Tourism Association,  which  is membership organisation, provides an effective and representative group for consultation, networking, and collaboration.

Due to the current Coronavirus priorities are changing and there is currently a Response and Recovery Plan in operation.