Bus Passes

How do I apply for a concessionary travel pass?

Concessionary travel in Lancashire and Cumbria is provided by NoW card.

NoW card provide concessionary travel passes for both disabled people and older people.

For more information and how to apply see the NoW card website www.nowcard.org or telephone the NoWcard helpline on 0300 123 6737.


The age of eligibility for concessionary travel for women will be pension age and for men it will be the pensionable age of a woman born on the same day.

Pensionable age is rising by five years over a period of time up to 2020 and the earliest age for men and women to get a buss pass will also rise gradually.

To find out when you are eligible to apply for an older person's NoW card see the Now Card older person's application information.

To apply for a disabled person's NoW Card you must be aged over 5 and your have one of the following disabilities:

  • Blind or partially sighted
  • Profoundly or severely deaf
  • Without Speech
  • Learning Disability
  • Loss of the use of both arms
  • Walking disability
  • Have been or would be refused a driving licence

To find out more about eligibility for a disabled person's buss pass see the NoW Card disabled person's application information.