Bin Collection Days

Normal bin collection service

  • The general / non-recyclable (Burgundy) bin is collected on the same day every week.
  • The recyclable waste (blue) bin is collected on the same day as your general waste on alternate weeks with the garden (green) waste bin.

A sticker displaying your bin collections is placed on your bin each year. If you have not received your sticker you can download your bin collection day sticker

Paper and Cardboard collection will be collected on the same day as your wheelie bins but on alternate weeks. In some areas paper is collected on the same day as the blue bin, in other areas paper will be collected on the same day as the green bin.

Your bins must be presented at the edge of your property no later than 7.30am on your collection day (you may put them out after 6.00pm on the day before collection). Householders are requested to present their wheeled bins with the handles facing the highway and to be careful not to obstruct pedestrian or vehicle access.

Bank Holidays

Bins will be collected on all Bank Holidays except during Christmas and New Year. Please check your calendar sticker for any changes.

Forgot to put your bin out?

If you forget to put out your bins they will not be collected until the next time they are due for collection.

If you believe we have missed collecting your bin you will need to report a missed bin collection