Online Payments

Make a payment online

You can pay your Council Tax, Business Rates (NNDR), or General Debts (where you have a sundry debtor account number from an invoice) over the internet.

Please do not use this payment portal to pay for other services.

Account references

Business Rates - Enter your Business Rates account number which appears on your bill as a seven digit reference starting with a 5 or 6.

Council Tax - Enter your Council Tax account number which appears on your bill as an eight digit reference which starts with a 1. If your number ends in an X, please enter the X in upper case (capital X).

Sundry Debtors - Enter your Sundry Debtor account number which appears on your invoice as a 10 character reference number which starts with "sdebt" followed by five digits. (The "sdebt" must be in lower case.)

All online payments are encrypted between you and our hosted payment solution. By clicking on "Make Payment" you will be redirected to our secure payment solution. These pages are secure by a high grade RC4 128bit encryption.

Our online payment provider (Civica) requires cookies to be set. These cookies are essential for the operation of the e-Payments service. (If you do not accept cookies you will not be able to carry out an online payment transaction).