Lancashire County Council 2021 - Results

Longridge with Bowland Division

On 6 May 2021 an election of Councillor for the division of Longridge with Bowland of Lancashire County Council was held.

Verified Ballot Papers

  • Turnout: 33.18%

The result is set out below:

For more details please see the Declaration Result of Poll.

Name Party Votes cast  
BARNSLEY, Karl Peter Labour and Co-operative Party 746  
O'ROURKE, Donna Louise Liberal Democrats 202  
SWARBRICK, Rupert Keysell The Conservative Party Candidate 2370 ELECTED
YATES, Paul Ryan The Green Party 379  

Rubert Keysell Swarbrick is duly elected Councillor for the division Longridge with Bowland of Lancashire County Council.

Marshal Scott