Parish Elections 2019 - Results

Balderstone Parish Council

An Election was held on 2 May 2019 for Balderstone Parish Council.

The result is set out below:

  • Turnout: 40.47%
  • Electorate: 341

For more details please see the Declaration Result of Poll.

Name Party Votes cast  
BARKER, Karen Michelle   53 ELECTED
BRUNSKILL, Stella Maria   76 ELECTED
EVANS, John David   69 ELECTED
GREENWOOD, Jonathan Peter   61 ELECTED
RUSSELL, Melanie Maria   43  
SHORTHOUSE, Stuart Thomson   69 ELECTED
SINGLETON, Peter Forrester   70 ELECTED
    1 Spoilt Vote  

Karen Michelle Barker, Stella Maria Brunskill, John David Evans, Jonathan Peter Greenwood, Stuart Thomson Shorthouse, Peter Forrester Singleton and Doreen Taylor were duly elected councillors for Balderstone Parish Council.

Marshal Scott
Returning Officer