Parish Elections 2019 - Results

Mellor Parish Council

An Election was held on 2nd May 2019 for Mellor Parish Council.

The result is set out below:

  • Turnout: 44.38%
  • Electorate: 1,834

For more details please see the Declaration Result of Poll.

Name Party Votes cast  
BRUNSKILL, Stella Maria   412 ELECTED
COLBURN, Quentin Charles   144  
CROOKS, Doritta Eva   226 ELECTED
DUNNE, Michael John   115  
EATOUGH, Ellen   146  
HYMAS, John Lawrence   351 ELECTED
JOHNSON, Margaret   197 ELECTED
LIVESEY, Robert Gordon   125  
Marsden, Nicholas William   158 ELECTED
MURTAGH, Bernard Patrick   214 ELECTED
MURTAGH, Charlotte   155  
MURTAGH, Danielle   187 ELECTED
O'GRADY, John Michael   131  
ROUSE, Martin David   137  
STAINTON, Andrew George   125  
VENABLES, Michael John   302 ELECTED
WALSH, Noel Clifford   426 ELECTED
    22 Spoilt Vote  

Stella Maria Brunskill, Doritta Eva Crooks, John Lawrence Hymas, Margaret Johnson, Nicholas William Marsden, Ian Moss, Bernard Patrick Murtagh, Danielle Murtagh, Michael John Venables and Noel Clifford Walsh were duly elected councillors for Mellor Parish Council.

Marshal Scott
Returning Officer